4 Ways Dirty Air Ducts Can Cause Health Problems

Air ducts are an important part of your home. However, like most other things, if they aren’t kept clean at all times, they can pose significant dangers to you and your family’s health and well being. After all, what is an air duct designed to add to your home? Fresh, clean air that’s what! But will it be able to allow fresh air into your home if your ducts are dirty and clogged? This is why it is integral that you regularly get your dirty air ducts professionally cleaned. Here is a low down of some of the dangers dirty or clogged air ducts pose to you and your family.

Reasons to Clean Your Dirty Air Ducts

While breathing fresher air is all the reason in the world to get your ducts cleaned on a regular basis, the following may help nudge you towards getting your house a/c vents cleansed.

#1 Pests

If your air duct is clogged for too long, it may start to develop pest infestations. Insects and pests can start nesting in the dust clogged air ducts and become a health risk in their own right. Not only can they be a nuisance to the passage of safe air, they typically carry diseases in their droppings which could contaminate the air coming into your home. Not only that, they are infected with fleas, so are you ready for that in your home?

#2 Mold

This is a dangerous addition to your air ducts, one which can have a number of different health risks. If your air ducts are kept dirty for a reasonable period of time, they may form condensation, proving to be the perfect breeding ground for fungi and mold to develop. Molds can be easily carried in through dust particles and their spores pose a danger to your health if they are inhaled. Dizziness and headaches are some of the common reactions of having inhaled a mold spore.

#3 Dust

This one is not rocket science. If you don’t clean a place, there is bound to be dust there. Dust is the most common thing to build up in your air ducts. What is dust made of? It is made up of particles of anything and everything in your home, from pollution, to dirt to bits and pieces of dead decomposed bugs, dander of animals or even ash. Which of them would you want to inhale? Neither is most probably your answer.

But unless you are getting your duct cleaned, this is what will mix with the air coming into your home and then go into your body when you breathe the air. These can cause irritation and allergic reactions.

#4 Asbestos

If your air ducts are not properly maintained or cleaned, the material that was used in its insulation can break off bit by bit and start to mix in the air. Typically, air ducts are insulated using Asbestos and when your air ducts are lagging behind in your priority list, they can become damaged, allowing the asbestos to travel through the air. This is a light substance that can easily be carried by the air and inhaling of asbestos over a period of time can result in potential diseases such as lung cancer, and others.

Prevent Dangerous Air Particles in Your Home AZ

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