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    Air Duct Cleaning Services. Man performing Air duct cleaning in gilbert AZAir Duct Cleaning Services. Whether it’s at home or work, you deserve clean air, and while there’s deserved attention paid towards outdoor air pollution, it’s indoor air pollution that is most likely to affect you directly. That’s why at A-Z Air Duct, we use cutting-edge technologies and proven methods to clean the air inside your home or business.  

    Our team of air quality experts will help identify sources of indoor air pollution and work to expel them from your home or business. We’ll clean ducts, remove dust and lint from dryer vents, and sanitize the air you breathe, so you don’t have to worry about getting sick every time you take a deep breath. So, if you haven’t had someone check the air quality at your Gilbert-area home or business, give us a call today

    Air Duct Cleaning, Air Purification & Dryer Vent Services 

    Our goal is to keep a good air quality inside your home or business. That means when you call us for an air duct cleaning in Gilbert, AZ, our first step is to assess the level of dirtiness inside the ducts. We’ll try to uncover common sources of indoor air pollution, such as dust, dirt, and dander. Then we’ll use advanced equipment to knock debris loose and blow it out of the ducts. We won’t leave until our work has met our high standards and left the air inside your home fresher than before. 

    Another common source of poor indoor air quality is clogged dryer vents. If left alone, lint and dirt will combine to block the vent slowly, making your clothes dryer work overtime to do its job, potentially causing your energy bills to soar. In worst-case scenarios, a clogged dryer vent can lead to a devastating fire. When we’re done with our dryer vent cleaning in Gilbert, AZ, you’ll find that your clothes will dry quicker, and your home will be safer. 

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    Air & Surface Purification Solutions 

    Of course, it’s not just dust and dirt that can pollute your air. Viruses, bacteria, and other nasty microbes can easily be swept up into your HVAC system and blown throughout your home or business, spreading illness and leaving you with sick family members or a business unable to operate due to so many call-outs. 

    That’s why we’re proud to offer the most advanced air and surface purification system on the market: ActivePure. This system works quietly and continuously to rid your air and surfaces of common viruses, pathogens, and other contaminants. Independent testing has shown that within 7 hours of use, the ActivePure System can reduce the presence of the coronavirus by 99.98% on surfaces.  

    The technology uses advanced UV lights and proprietary materials to work constantly in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. It produces no chemicals, no byproducts, and is safe to use in occupied spaces. 

    Customer Review 

    As a customer-focused company, we’re proud of the steady flow of positive reviews we’ve received from our services, such as this one from Veronica Collins: 

    “The technicians showed up on time, were professional, courteous, and thorough. They explained everything they did, why they do it, and what the result was. They made sure to clean up after the work was done and discarded all the trash – that guy can vacuum! I would highly recommend this company for vent/dryer vent cleaning!” 

    Get Quality Air Cleaning Services in Gilbert 

    There’s nothing more important than the air you breathe. So, make sure the air inside your Gilbert-area home or business contains fresh, sanitized air. Contact us today for a quote and see how we can improve the air quality of your building. 

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