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Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning in Peoria, AZ

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    Your home’s interior air quality is an essential yet oft-overlooked component to your house’s cleanliness. Per the EPA, just a single exposure to an indoor air contaminant is enough to cause eye, nose, or throat irritation, and repeatedly breathing in common air pollutants like dust, dander, or pollen can lead to long-term adverse health effects.

    When you combine these facts with the fact that Arizona dust storms can kick up all sorts of nasty things that easily get into your home’s HVAC system, you must find true professionals for your air duct cleaning in Peoria, AZ. At A-Z Air Duct Cleaning, we’re just that, with a team of expert technicians deployed with advanced equipment to clean the air inside your home with our customer-focused services:

    • Air Duct Cleaning
    • Air Purification
    • Dryer Vent Services

    Air Duct Cleaning, Air Purification & Dryer Vent Services in Peoria

    Our goal is that when we leave the job, the air inside your home or business feels fresh and clean. We start that process once we promptly arrive at the job. We’ll thoroughly inspect your duct system to uncover areas of concern or indoor air pollution services.

    Once we have a better understanding of the work ahead of us, we’ll use HEPA-filtered equipment to clean the air inside your home or business. Our air cleaning system will work to remove common allergens, such as dust, pet dander, and pollen. To make sure the ducts are thoroughly cleaned, we’ll blast compressed air to knock loose anything our first cleaning missed. Before we leave, we’ll conduct a final inspection to ensure we’ve met our high standards.

    For those in need of dryer vent cleaning in Peoria, AZ, we can help remove accumulated dust or lint from those ducts, too. This service is essential because lint blockages can result in poor indoor air quality, energy-sapped dryers, and even fires.

    Residential HVAC Cleaning Service in Peoria

    Commercial HVAC Cleaning Service in Peoria

    Air & Surface Purification Solutions in Peoria

    Our basic services help provide one-time solutions that clean the air inside your home or business. However, most people can benefit from the continuous cleaning of ActivePure® technology.

    Many air quality experts consider this system the most powerful surface and air purification ever created. It uses an advanced UV lighting system and proprietary materials to decontaminate 99.98% of contaminants and pathogens, including COVID-19, on surfaces and in the air within several hours of operation.

    Even better, this system runs quietly. This makes it ideal for practically any residential or commercial application.

    Customer Review

    We always prioritize our customers’ needs. We’re happy to report this is reflected in our many reviews, including one from recent customer Veronica Collins:

    “The technicians showed up on time, were professional, courteous, and thorough. They explained to me everything they did, why they do it, and what the end result was. They made sure to clean up after the work was done and discarded all of the trash – that guy can vacuum! I would highly recommend this company for vent/dryer vent cleaning!”

    Quality Air Cleaning Services in Peoria, AZ

    It’s important that whether you are at home or work, you breathe clean, fresh air. Our services ensure just that, and as a family-owned and operated air duct cleaning company, we know the importance of prioritizing our customers above all else. A-Z Air Duct is the best choice for your air quality solutions in Arizona.

    Contact us today to resolve your indoor air issues if you’d like an HVAC system check-up after a nasty dust storm or monsoon season. Call us at 602-466-2234 for a free quote.

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