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    Dryer Vent Cleaning & Dryer Duct Cleaning Service in Phoenix, AZ.

    Keep your home safe, energy-efficient and allergen-free with professional dryer vent cleaning by A-Z Air Duct. As a full-service air purification and dryer vent cleaning service provider, we understand the discomfort and danger of dirty, dusty dryer vents and air ducts in your home.

    Just like your air ducts, your dryer vent is a common place where dust collects. Our cleaning service uses state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to remove fire hazards and allergens from your home. Our family-owned and operated company in Arizona offers you reliable cleaning services that solve dirty dryer vent problems. As a local company, we understand the unique concerns in Phoenix. Don’t let dust fill your home with allergens and other debris, but work with us to restore your air quality.

    If your dryer ventilation hose is damaged, we can repair or replace the flexible portion from your dryer to the wall. We’ll inspect the ventilation and alert you to any potential issues that may require professional repair. Work with a fast-responding, local, reliable service provider in Phoenix, Arizona. Request a free quote for a comprehensive dryer vent cleaning service today.

    Dirty Dryer Vent Problems

    A dirty dryer vent poses four critical problems. Here are the main reasons you need to keep your vents clear:

    1. Decrease Risk of Fire: Dust and lint trapped in your vents can heat up as your dryer runs. Whether you have a gas or electric dryer, the heated air that is forced through the vent can cause lint and dust to ignite.
    2. Improve Air Quality: Accumulated lint and moisture in clogged dryer vents can lead to unpleasant odors and mold growth. These issues can negatively impact indoor air quality, creating an uncomfortable environment. Clean dryer vents help maintain a fresh and healthy atmosphere within your home.
    3. Improve Energy Efficiency: Clogged dryer vents make the dryer work harder, leading to increased energy consumption. This can result in higher utility bills. By maintaining clean dryer vents, you can improve energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and minimize your environmental footprint.
    4. Improve Drying Times: When dryer vents are clogged, it can lead to longer drying times. A dusty dryer vent also decreases the lifespan of your dryer and increases the risk of a breakdown.

    A dirty laundry flexible aluminum dryer vent duct ductwork filled with lint, dust and dirt

    AZ Air Duct Dryer Fire

    Prevent Dryer Vent Fires

    Your dryer vent may be a fire hazzard. Cleaning dryer vents is a crucial maintenance task often overlooked. The most critical reason for regular dryer vent cleaning is fire safety. Lint buildup in dryer vents can become a highly flammable fire hazard. For dryers that are frequently used, the risk of a lint-related fire is significantly higher. Clean dryer vents reduce the risk of a potentially devastating fire, ensuring the safety of your loved ones. You should clean your dryer vents at least once every 12 months.

    There were 16,800 dryer vent fires last year. Protect your family and home by having your dryer vent system cleaned and inspected.


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    Dryer Vent Cleaning FAQs

    Aside from the obvious fire hazards associated with a blocked dryer vent, there are other risks involved as well.

    • For instance, with gas dryers, you could be trapping carbon monoxide inside your house if the gas cannot escape through the vent.
    • Dirty dryer vents can also cause your dryer to run less efficiently, which means that it may take 2-3 attempts to get your clothes dry, increasing the cost of your electric bill.

    If you do laundry regularly at home, you’re already familiar with the process of cleaning the lint trap on the dryer itself. However, no matter how often you clean the lint trap, it is likely that tiny bits of lint and fibers still get past the trap and end up in the dryer hose. These lint fibers are pushed to the vent on the outside of your house where they build up over time, causing a heat hazard. Once that vent is completely blocked, the dryer hose will trap heat each time the dryer is turned on. The more lint builds up, the closer it gets to the source of the heat, which poses a real risk of causing a fire.

    When you request a dryer vent cleaning, a professional will come to your home and disconnect the dryer hose from the vent. They will completely clear out the vent, replace any filters that may be stopped up and inspect for signs of damage. In addition, they can check your dryer hose itself for signs of wear and determine if it needs replacing.

    The good news about cleaning a blocked dryer vent is that it is very affordable! For $25 off, you can achieve peace of mind that your vents are clear and hazard free. The service itself takes less than an hour and once it is done, you only need to have it serviced once or twice a year.

    We recommend cleaning your dryer vents at least once per year.

    We use HEPA filtered equipment to ensure that the rest of your home will be undisturbed by our process. Our technicians are trained to value the home of our customers and ensure that your home will remain your sacred place.


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