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A-Z Air Duct is a professional, family-owned and operated Air Duct Cleaning company in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Our technicians know just what to look for when servicing dryer vents and other air ducts. We can help you learn the proper way to protect your dryer vents against future blockages to prevent dangerous fires and other hazards.

Aside from the obvious fire hazards associated with a blocked dryer vent, there are other risks involved as well.

  • For instance, with gas dryers, you could be trapping carbon monoxide inside your house if the gas cannot escape through the vent.
  • Dirty dryer vents can also cause your dryer to run less efficiently, which means that it may take 2-3 attempts to get your clothes dry, increasing the cost of your electric bill.

If you do laundry regularly at home, you’re already familiar with the process of cleaning the lint trap on the dryer itself. However, no matter how often you clean the lint trap, it is likely that tiny bits of lint and fibers still get past the trap and end up in the dryer hose. These lint fibers are pushed to the vent on the outside of your house where they build up over time, causing a heat hazard. Once that vent is completely blocked, the dryer hose will trap heat each time the dryer is turned on. The more lint builds up, the closer it gets to the source of the heat, which poses a real risk of causing a fire.

When you request a dryer vent cleaning, a professional will come to your home and disconnect the dryer hose from the vent. They will completely clear out the vent, replace any filters that may be stopped up and inspect for signs of damage. In addition, they can check your dryer hose itself for signs of wear and determine if it needs replacing.

The good news about cleaning a blocked dryer vent is that it is very affordable. For $75 off, you can achieve peace of mind that your vents are clear and hazard free. The service itself takes less than an hour and once it is done, you only need to have it serviced once or twice a year.

We recommend cleaning your dryer vents at least once per year.

Are your clothes taking longer than usual to dry? Does your dryer overheat during use? You could have a clogged dryer air duct.

We use HEPA filtered equipment to ensure that the rest of your home will be undisturbed by our process. Our technicians are trained to value the home of our customers and ensure that your home will remain your sacred place.


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