Dangers & Side Effects of Indoor Air Pollution



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Indoor air pollution can make your home feel less comfortable and welcoming by causing breathing problems, coughing or sneezing, and other concerns, which means that taking steps to improve indoor air quality is a must. Here are some of the most important things to know about how indoor air pollution can impact your health, as well as how A-Z Air Duct’s duct cleaning services can help you improve the air quality in your home!


Common Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution can be linked to a wide range of sources that are both created within your home and brought into your home from outdoors, which means that understanding what is causing your most significant indoor air quality concerns is an important step in determining how to solve them best. Some of the most common sources of indoor air pollution include: 


    • Cooking or cleaning supplies 
    • Candles or cigarette smoke
    • Pet dander 
    • Dust and mold 
    • Fresh paint, carpets, or other home materials 
    • Radon or other gas problems 


Indoor air pollution can occur in several forms, such as gases or microscopic particles. This means that understanding the specific type of pollution you are dealing with can play an important role in identifying the most appropriate option for keeping them from entering your home in the first place and reducing the level of contaminants already present in your home. 


Health Impacts of Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution can impact your overall health in a wide range of ways, which means that being intentional about keeping your home clean can go a long way toward reducing a wide range of symptoms. Dust, mold, and other types of indoor air pollution can lead to significant allergic reactions, and even outdoor allergies can worsen if you do not take steps to prevent more allergens than necessary from entering your home. Other common symptoms associated with indoor air quality issues include: 


    • Coughing or sneezing 
    • Itchy or watery eyes 
    • Runny or stuffy nose 
    • Other breathing problems 
    • Frequent headaches, dizziness, or fatigue 


These early symptoms can also develop into more significant health concerns over time, especially if they are ignored instead of used as an early warning sign that needs to be responded to. Some health conditions that can be linked to indoor air pollution include:


    • Asthma 
    • Respiratory infections 
    • COPD 
    • Lung cancer 
    • Heart disease or stroke 


Importance of Reducing Indoor Air Pollution

Regular air duct cleaning is one of the most important steps you can take to keep the air in your home fresh and healthy. No matter how much time you invest in cleaning surfaces in your home, many contaminants will still be present in your air that can only be effectively managed by a professional. By targeting the primary entry point for pollutants into your home, air duct cleaning substantially minimizes indoor air pollution.


While air fresheners and other tools may temporarily solve a sudden air pollution issue, such as strong cooking odors that do not dissipate on their own or seasonal allergies, they are generally incapable of providing the long-term freshness of air duct cleaning. They may even contribute to your air quality issues over time. 


Whole-home air purification systems offer unparalleled convenience, operating quietly and requiring minimal maintenance. A-Z Air Duct provides a range of air purification systems featuring ActivePure® Technology, ensuring our customers breathe the cleanest air without the hassle of filter replacements. 


Are you ready to invest in a residential air cleaner for your home? Take our in-home quiz, or Contact our experts for guidance on the best models, installation techniques, and maintenance tips. Breathe easier with A-Z Air Duct’s top-notch air purification systems in Phoenix, Arizona.


Take Control of Your Indoor Air Quality With A-Z Air Duct

At A-Z Air Duct, we know that breathing fresh, clean air in your home can make your space more comfortable and boost your overall health. Our experienced team is here to help homeowners in the Phoenix, AZ, area understand the steps they can take to improve the quality of the air in their homes, and we offer a variety of air duct cleaning services and schedule options that can be customized to best align with the unique characteristics and needs of your home and lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of combating indoor air pollution with regular duct cleaning services or to request a free quote!

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