A-Z Air Duct Has the Right HVAC Cleaning Tools for the Job

A good air duct cleaning company is one that makes use of the right tools for the right job. As there are a number of tools that are used for HVAC cleaning, the challenge is being able to choose the right one for the job. This blog will highlight some of the most common tools that can be used for air duct cleaning, inspection, restoration, etc.

The Tools We Use to Clean Your Air Ducts

When you work with a company like A-Z Air Duct, you are guaranteed that you’ll get the finest in air duct cleaning services. We seamlessly perform every job with perfection thanks to having the right tools operated by experienced technicians. Continue reading to see what tools we use and how we use them.

Tools for Inspection

Before beginning cleaning of the air duct, technicians need to know what contaminants the air duct contains. This can be done simply by way of a visual inspection of the area, but the position of an air duct often makes it difficult for the human eye to reach it. Hence, this is done through a variety of tools instead, such as:

  • Digital cameras
  • Periscopes
  • Adjustable mirrors
  • Technicians will enter underground return areas

Accessing Tools

Air ducts can sometimes be hard to reach. Typically, air duct access points will be small, and not very welcoming for cleaning or inspection. For this, there are special tools available that make this task easier. This includes ladders, long hosed vacuums and other such items.

Tools for Cleaning

Once you have gotten access to the HVAC system, a cleaning regime rids the air duct of the contaminants. This can be done using a number of tools. Typically, they are referred to as hand based cleaning tools. Some of the devices that are often used in such cleaning include:

  • Power brush with vacuum
  • Manual brush
  • Air skippers
  • Blow guns
  • Air whips

The choice of the cleaning device is the most important one because there are different types of air ducts and each type will warrant a different cleaning tool to be used. If that is not the case, the air ducts may become damaged. For instance, the use of over aggressive or extremely powerful cleaning tools in fiber glass lined metal duct works can damage them.

Devices for Dust and Debris Collection

Once the air duct has been accessed and cleaned, there is a need for the dirt, debris and mold removed from the area, to be removed from the home. This allows for better containment of the spread of these contaminants in the future. Vacuums are used to suck all the trash and particles out of the duct. There are two primary types of vacuums:

  • Portable units on wheels
  • Portable units carried as a backpack

While the first one is powerful, the latter is more easy to use and the decision is often made taking into account the need at the time.

Get Your Air Ducts Professionally Cleaned Today

What differentiates a good cleaning company from the others is the choice of tools as that determines the quality of the work that they can provide to their clients. If you are looking for a professional air duct or dryer vent cleaning company in Phoenix, contact the pros at A-Z Air Duct today to get a free estimate!