Best Indoor Air Pollution Solutions for Your Home or Office

How to Solve Indoor Air Pollution Issues

Even in the tidiest of homes, invisible pollutants can affect the quality of interior air you are breathing. Luckily, there are steps you can take to help improve air quality with air pollution solutions Some of these air quality solutions and tasks can be completed by yourself, while others, such as regular air duct cleaning, should be completed by a professional. Remaining diligent about keeping the quality of your home’s air at a satisfactory level can help prevent air quality-related issues down the line.

Maintain Your HVAC Air Filters

Your HVAC air filters serve to remove dust and other airborne particles that are circulating through your system before they are able to reach the living spaces of your home. It’s important to maintain your filters according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Properly maintained filters provide an excellent service to your home, but too much build-up can clog a filter, leading to more contaminants circulating through your system than if no filter was present at all.

Consider an Air Purification System

Some individuals, particularly those who are sensitive to allergens or have a medical condition such as asthma, choose to add air purifiers to the home. If your air filters miss pollutants, pet dander, and other airborne particles, an air purifier can grab them from the air for additional filtering. Air filters are particularly useful for removing invisible mold spores in the air, which are highly allergenic to many individuals.

Commit to Regular Vacuuming

Although it seems like common sense, one of the best ways to reduce dust and contaminants in the air is to keep it from building up in your home. Regularly vacuuming and dusting your surfaces and floors, particularly if you have pets, can significantly reduce the number of pollutants that are stirred up into the air and circulated throughout your home. Look for a vacuum with a HEPA filter and a sealed canister system that can be cleaned regularly.

Introduce Indoor Plants

It’s no secret that houseplants can improve your air quality and reduce pollution by adding freshness and producing new oxygen, so adding a few to your home can potentially help improve the air you breathe. Try adding some plants that do not require a lot of care, such as English Ivy or Snake Plants, so you can receive the benefits without worrying about excessive maintenance.

Reduce Household Chemicals

The air quality in your home can be significantly reduced when chemical pollutants are being continually released. By being more product selective, you can help reduce the introduction of new chemical air pollutants.

      • Choose non-toxic and fragrance-free cleaning products.
      • Pay attention to off-gassing from furniture and textiles.
      • Look for low or no-VOC paint products.

Air Duct Cleaning & Indoor Air Quality Professionals in Phoenix

Dust, mold, and other contaminants can enter your home through the air ducts if they are not properly sealed. Ducts should be routinely inspected to look for seal breaches or damage and repaired as needed. A technician can perform a home air quality test to see what issues have arisen since your last inspection. Routine cleanings can keep your air ducts in top form and functioning as intended. Cleanings are a vital part of HVAC maintenance in Phoenix, AZ.

If you live in the greater Phoenix area and are due for an air duct inspection or need a routine duct cleaning, call A-Z Air Duct at (480) 568-6451 or contact us online. Their professional technicians can get you started with air quality solutions toward your goal of improved air quality, so schedule a cleaning today and get ready to breathe more easily.