How Do Professionals Clean Dryer Vents

Dryer vents are clogged with lint frequently, causing the dryer to overheat and become a fire hazard. To clean your dryer like a pro, you’ll need to use the air duct cleaning method, which involves the combination of a vacuum and a brush. Attach the vacuum to the exhaust vent on the outside of the home. Then insert a tube brush into the vent and brush the lint and debris away from the walls. Luckily, there are professional dryer vent cleaners who can help you out. This article will help you understand more about air duct cleaning and why it’s important to use professional dryer vent cleaning services.


Why Does My Dryer Vent Need to be Cleaned?

Every year, there are up to 3,000 dryer fires, resulting in over $35 million in property damage, dozens of injuries, and up to five fatalities. One of the factors leading to these fires is clogged dryer vents.


Unclean and dried-out vents might still be harmful even if a dryer doesn’t catch fire. Whenever dryer vents are blocked, dangerous gas vapors enter the house. Your health could be significantly impacted by breathing in these gasses.


Benefits of Dryer Vents Cleaning 

Maintaining a clean vent will help extend the life of your dryer. Your clothing will also dry more quickly as clean dryers operate more efficiently than filthy ones.


Additionally, an inefficient dryer raises your energy costs because a dirty dryer uses more energy when it works harder. Your bill may decrease once you clean those vents.


The main advantage of cleaning your dryer is your family’s safety. You can’t wait until someone is hurt to take action. Maintaining your dryer can ensure that it functions effectively while protecting your family.


Can’t I Just Clean the Dryer Vents Myself?

You may. Dryer duct cleaning regularly is an excellent idea. It will minimize any buildups that you can’t get to. However, you most likely lack the equipment and adequate knowledge that professional cleaners have, making it impossible for you to remove all of the debris and obstructions from the vents.


Always Hire a Professional

While you may do an excellent trial on your own, you should always engage professional dryer vent cleaning for a thorough cleaning. Our experts have years of expertise cleaning dryer vents, all the necessary equipment, and the appropriate training.


What to Expect From a Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

Our knowledgeable technician’s initial step will be to locate the external dryer cap and take it off. They will slip a vacuum and snake brush into the vent, dislodge, and remove any obstructions. They’ll use the snake brush to scrub any blockages off the inside of the vents.


The elbows and other kinks in the ventilation system will get the top care. After a dryer vent cleaning, we will often perform a diagnostic test. The results of this test will determine the amount of gas entering your home and whether there are any leaks.


However, not all dryer vent cleanings include this step. Most cleanings include scraping material away and sucking it out of the vent.


Signs Your Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning

If your dryer vent begins to clog up, you can tell by paying attention to some of these indicators:

  • Drying your clothes requires more than one round
  • Wet clothing has a musty odor after washing
  • The room gets hot when the dryer is on
  • There’s debris inside of the dryer vent
  • The lint trap is overflowing with lint
  • The smell of used dryer sheets is noticeable


Professional HVAC & Dryer Vent Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

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