Air Purifiers for Cold And Flu Season



Globally, the cold and flu season is something to be of concern. The season comes yearly, ranging from sniffling and sneezing to chills and fevers. Indeed, a sneeze can send clouds of flu viruses airborne.

Several kinds of illnesses are associated with the winter and cold weather. That makes it challenging to combat simple cold symptoms. You need to protect yourself and your home from infections by running an air purifier.

Poor Indoor Air Quality Impacts the Prevalence and Gravity of Respiratory Viruses, Especially Common Colds and Flus

Many people don’t understand how indoor air pollutants affect flu victims. Severe exposure to air pollution affects the prevalence and gravity of severe illnesses like COVID. Once the air is polluted, it aggravates the condition, leading to more complications. It also influences a healthy environment that could help reduce complications and circulate the airborne virus.

A healthy and clean environment is always crucial and necessary when there are respiratory viruses. Even with short-term infections or severe respiratory diseases like asthma, breathing could become complicated because of the respiratory condition.

Indoor air pollution impacts symptoms of respiratory infection. It becomes more challenging to breathe in an environment that isn’t healthy or clean of air pollution.

Airborne germs and allergens pollute indoor air and remain longer in the dense, colder winter air. Thus, it’s necessary to clean your indoor air of these harmful molecules by using an air purifier. That way, you’ll create the healthiest air environment possible.

Returning to Work: Why Indoor Air Quality is Essential

Indoor air quality is a top priority because it affects the spread of airborne viruses in your home. Poor indoor air quality allows viruses to spread more in homes. Besides, it also prevents sick people from recovering, creating more avenues for re-infection.

Good air quality can help prevent colds and cases of flu. Run an air purifier in your home to help purify particles in the air that cause colds, flu, and viruses. Contaminated air makes it possible for everyone to get sick or become reinfected. Let running an air purifier become part of your flu prevention procedure.

Can the Right Air Purifier Work to Combat Cold and Flu Season?

An air purifier is necessary for everyone during the cold and flu season. But, it’s more crucial for those prone to flu complications due to their health status or age.

Passive air purifiers have been a standard solution to help clear airborne viruses and harmful bacteria from your indoor spaces. First, they draw in the air and purify the air of any airborne particles using filters and UV lighting. 

Alternatively, active air purification systems purify air without needing contaminants to pass through the system. ActivePure® offers an energy-efficient cleaning system that is clinically proven to decontaminate 99.98% of SARS-CoV-2 virus within 7 hours. It accomplishes this by creating and propelling powerful and safe disinfecting molecules into the air, which seek out and destroy pathogens lingering on surfaces and in the air. 

Residential Air Purification in Phoenix

Due to allergy breakouts, many homeowners are taking a bold stance to improve the air quality of their homes and protect their health. Air quality solutions comprise various services designed to purify the air circulating within your home. These solutions cover every basis of air quality and home health.

A-Z offers several active air purification solutions in Phoenix, including ActivePure technology. Our ActivePure technology works to destroy dangerous bacteria and end mold and other spores in your space’s air.

Commercial Air Purification Services in Phoenix

Boost the quality of your working area, safeguard your commercial property, and provide your clients with a safe and dynamic indoor environment. Through our commercial purification service, you can protect your family and build your business.

At A-Z Air Duct, we collaborate with companies to offer superior Commercial Air Purification services in Phoenix and its environs. You’ll get groundbreaking solutions on a fast-tracked timeline from the initial stage to completion.

Air Purification in Phoenix, AZ

The indoor air quality of your home and business plays a significant role in your environment’s health and output. Invisible agents and pollutants in the air could become harmful if left untreated.

Let A-Z Air Duct provide a  practical solution to restore your air quality and avert common pollutants from recurring poor indoor living spaces and working conditions. We can stand by this by offering only the best, most-efficient air purification options in Phoenix. 

A-Z Air Duct is a family-owned and Operated Air Duct Cleaning company. We offer residential and commercial air cleaning services, serving Phoenix and surrounding cities. Contact us to set up a consultation and learn more about how active air purification systems can change your life.

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