Why Upgrade Your Home’s Dryer Vent

Your home’s dryer vent carries warm, moist air from your dryer to the great outdoors. To vent the damp air, most homes use a vinyl, flexible dryer vent hose that is cheap and easy to install.

Unfortunately, without frequent dryer vent cleaning, such a hose is also a fire hazard, an invitation to pests and a source of cold night air drafts. Replacing your dryer vent from the dryer through to the exterior is an inexpensive, yet valuable, upgrade.

What Could Go Wrong?

For professional air vent cleaning, Phoenix homeowners typically turn to experts like the trained technicians of A-Z Air Duct, who can efficiently clean out dryer vents, the connecting hoses, and the exterior vent cap. Our representatives typically find a lot of worrisome material clinging to the inside of those flexible vinyl hoses, including:

  • A lot of dryer lint; some is moist, but most of the lint is kindling-dry;
  • Fabric threads, which can ignite easily;
  • Insect droppings, since the dryer vent is an easy entry point for insects;
  • Rodents can even gnaw holes through the vinyl to enter your home.

These large, round hoses also take up a lot of space behind your dryer, which may be an issue in a small laundry room.

Safe Solutions with Dryer Vent Cleaning

Beyond Phoenix air duct cleaning services, many homeowners choose to upgrade their dryer vents to rigid metal ductwork. The interior of the metal is smooth so lint cannot cling to the interior surface. The entire piece is a hard metal, making it impossible for rodents to enter your home. A beefed-up dryer vent on the outside can also help prevent lint build-up and pest entry.

As an alternative to the periscope-style, adjustable metal ducting vent, a metal, flexible hose is possible. It is far smoother inside than the vinyl and wire product and is less likely to melt under heat.

Among Leading Cause of House Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association, heating equipment, like clothes dryers, is a leading cause of house fires. Ignoring the lint build-up in your dryer vent can lead to tragic consequences.

Enlist the professional services of the trained technicians at A-Z Air Duct for not only cleaning your existing dryer vent but upgrading you to a safer, sturdier new dryer vent. Contact us today!