5 Ways to Keep Home Air Clean & Cold

Getting your air ducts cleaned can be costly. But the fact that it is costly, doesn’t by any stretch of imagination mean that you should let your air ducts stay dirty and contaminate the air that you breathe. Air duct cleaning through professional companies is one aspect of keeping your air vents clean of dust and debris. If you are unable to keep them clean, you will need repeated and regular air duct cleanings. Hence, there are some steps that you will need to take to keep your air home’s air clean, smelling fresh, and blowing cold.

How to Keep Air Clean in Your Home

Below are five of the most effective tips for keeping your air clean in your home.

1. Use a High Quality Air Filter

First things first, where do the dust and debris in your home comes from? It is typically carried into your home through the air coming in. As the air comes in to the air duct and its velocity decreases, leaving the dust in the air duct, over time this can lead to an embankment. The best way to avoid it is to make use of a high quality filter to keep the dust and debris out of your air duct. The filter will act as a barrier and the better the quality of the filter the longer it can run efficiently.

2. Get Proper Duct Insulation Done

Air ducts will typically have insulation done. This insulation is an important part of keeping your home cooler during the summers and hotter during the winters. But a faulty insulation around the air duct or one that deteriorates with time and is left to do so unchecked can both contaminate the duct. When you get insulation installed, make sure you get it done by professionals. Secondly, keep tabs on the state of the insulation, they typically have a set life and once that life has passed, they need to be replaced.

3. Get Professional Air Duct Installation

What is the point of having an air duct installed if it isn’t placed properly? Air ducts are designed to let fresh air enter your home and to let the older air exit. If the air duct has been wrongly placed or installed negligently, this can hamper their performance and leave it to assemble dirt and dust. Hence, you should make sure that you get proper air duct installation done.

4. Conduct Periodic Checks

Checking your air ducts everyday is impossible. So how do you keep them clean? You do that by ensuring periodic checks. These checks need to be after every set of few days or every two weeks etc. to ensure that your air duct is in pristine condition. Without periodic checks, you will be unable to catch any issue or dirt building up in the air duct, before it seriously starts to impair your breathing.

5. Get Ducts Cleaned Thoroughly

As mentioned above, air duct cleaning is important. You may restrict the amount of dust that can come into the air duct by the above steps but once it is there, you will need to get it cleaned. For that, it is integral that you choose a top company in Arizona.

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