How Sealing Your Ducts Can Save You Money

When operating your HVAC system, a top concern you may have is how to reduce energy costs and cut down on utility bills. Homeowners in Phoenix who struggle with high HVAC costs may be experiencing leaking air ducts.

In addition to regularly changing your filters, having your refrigerant levels checked, and having a high-quality thermostat, sealing your ducts can help prevent leaking air and the costs associated with it. Indeed, sealed ducts can assist homeowners in Phoenix to save money year-round.

Benefits of Air Duct Sealing

If you’re considering having your air ducts sealed, you’re making the right decision. There are many air duct sealing benefits, some of which include:

Improved Energy Efficiency

Leaking ducts have been shown to reduce the efficiency of your HVAC unit by as much as 20%. This is because the warm or cold air that is circulated throughout the home by the HVAC system can fail to reach its required destination if the air ducts are leaking.

This often makes various rooms feel warmer or colder than the thermostat setting. As a result, you may end up keeping the unit running for longer, thereby increasing your energy consumption. Sealed air ducts ensure that air is channeled effectively where it needs to go.

Better Indoor Air Quality

A leaking air duct can also be penetrated by chemicals, harmful fumes, and other particles that can reduce indoor air quality. These contaminants can enter the duct system and become circulated throughout the home.

With air duct sealing in Phoenix, you can improve air quality in the home by keeping harmful items out of your duct system. This also enables you to save on health costs by removing contaminants from your indoor air supply.

Increased Comfortair duct sealing in Phoenix

Sealed air ducts provide a comfortable environment for the entire home. If your air ducts are damaged or leaking, you will often experience various rooms being either too hot or too cold.

Air Duct Sealing in Phoenix can ensure that all the rooms in the home are held at the set thermostat temperature. This allows homeowners to avoid keeping their HVAC units on for too long or having to purchase alternative heating/cooling devices.

Air Duct Sealing in Phoenix

If you have leaking air ducts in Phoenix, A-Z Air Duct can help fix the problem and enable you to save money by going through one of our trusted providers. They begin by inspecting your ducts to identify where the leaking occurs. The air ducts will then be sealed by tightening joints and other loose connections.

Vents will also be inspected for any leaks, and the air ducts will be properly insulated to prevent future damage. Also, our partner’s air duct sealing in Phoenix cost is competitive and manageable for most homeowners. Commercial air duct cleaning services are also available for businesses through us.

Sealed air ducts make a significant difference to indoor air quality and associated energy costs. If you have any air duct issues in Phoenix, contact A-Z air duct today.

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