A-Z Air Duct Follows NADCA Industry Standards

NADCA Certified. As the demand for air duct cleaning has increased, so has the number of companies willing to offer their services. Yet, not all companies are ready to tackle the issue of air vent cleaning head-on. This is largely due to their lack of knowledge about the field in general and the standards of air duct cleaning in particular. Despite there being no official standards of duct and vent cleaning per se; there are traditions and common practices that have developed over the years, which most companies tend to follow.

For example, air duct cleaning, especially simple dust cleaning of the duct, can be done by a broom, but will it ever be done like that? The answer is no, mainly because that would cause structural damage to the air duct. This blog will highlight some unspoken, unofficial standards that exist in the air duct cleaning industry which need to be followed.

Air Duct Industry Standards

At A-Z Air Duct, we our proud members of NADCA and we not only follow the industry standards, we excel beyond them and set the bar!

The Right Tools for the Job

As already highlighted above, proper duct cleaning can only be carried out using proper cleaning tools. There is a long list of cleaning items that need to be utilized, to get your air duct properly cleaned. There are different tools for inspection, different tools for collection, different tools for cleaning etc. Most companies will also have special tools to ensure that they have proper access to the cleaning area.

Membership of NADCA

NADCA stands for the National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association that all air duct cleaner companies need to be a part of. The organization has a fixed set of rules that need to be met for any company to become a NADCA approved air duct cleaner. This allows for the provision of high quality work in air duct scrubbing.

Providing a Prior Estimate

This is something that all professional air duct dust and allergen cleaning companies need to do. Once they have been called to the home of a client, the first thing that they need to do is inspect the home and the air ducts and then provide the owner with an estimate of the costs. This is a good way to give the owner a heads-up for what such a cleaning could cost them.

Ensuring the Safety of the Rest of the Home

Duct cleaning involves the vacuuming and sanitizing of contaminants that can easily transfer to different areas of the home, causing damage to it in the process. This is why it is an unspoken rule that before the cleaning begins, air duct cleaners make sure that they take all necessary precautions to save the rest of the home and its furniture from damage.

Reporting the Work Done

For better customer satisfaction, cleaners highlight the state of the air duct pre-cleaning and post-cleaning. This report ensures that the homeowners feel the difference based on the work done.

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